Grill It: How to Use Grill Vents

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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grill and grill vent

Q: I’m confused by these grill vents. How do they work again?

A: Simply put, the wider you open up the grill vents, the stronger the fire—and thus the hotter your grill—will get. This is because oxygen feeds your fire. The more oxygen you let in, the hotter and more intense the flames and the quicker the fuel burns up. Likewise, if you close the vent completely, you’ll extinguish the flame, which can also be useful when the time is right.

Here’s a cool trick for the pyro inside: Place your coals so that they are directly under the vent in the bottom of the grill to get the hottest fire. Or position the charcoal further away from the top vent if you are going for “slow and low” cooking technique.

Don’t you love it when things make sense?

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