Grill It: How Many Gas Grill Burners Do I Need?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot

gas grill burner

Q: What the deal with the gas grill burners? How many do I need? 

A: Burners are, of course, only relevant to those who have a gas grill since charcoal is charcoal is charcoal. Having more burners means that you will have a more “diversified” grill—in other words, you can cook different items at different heat levels at the same time.

You’ll find plenty of gas grills out there with three burners. With these you can typically have about two jobs working at the same time while remaining true to the items’ ideal heat. For example, you could be searing a steak over high heat while roasting some delicate peppers at a lower heat in another “grill zone.” You’ll find four-burner gas grills or even six-burner grills, too—practically enough flexibility to make an entire four-course menu without setting foot in the house.

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