Grill It: How Hot Does a Grill Really Need to Get?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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grill full of glowing charcoal

Photo: Tomhalvar via Wikimedia Commons


A:  Different types of meats are suited to different heat levels. If you’ll want to sear a steak, you’ll need a grill that can climb up to 650 degrees. Foods like burgers, veggies and fish require temperatures up to 450 degrees to be cooked properly.

Even after buying the right grill, you’ll need to know when it’s hot enough to throw on the food. You can try this old grill trick, as told to Esquire magazine: If you are cooking steaks, burgers or the like, hold your hand about three inches above the grate and start counting “one Mississippi, two Mississippi,” etc. If you get to two or three before you pull away, the grill is hot enough for those items that can take a good sear.

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