Grill It: How Do I Grill Fish?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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Salmon on a cedar plank


A: The first rule of grilling fish is creating a good non-stick surface, whether you achieve it by marinating the fish or greasing your grates. In general, fish that is naturally more oil-rich (it’s good fat!) will be less likely to stick. Think salmon or ahi tuna. Delicate or flaky types of fish, like tilapia, red snapper or trout, will, on the other hand, be predisposed to sticking. One trick is to grill a whole fish rather than to fire up individual fillets to keep it from crumbling.

Another way to ensure that your catch stays intact is grilling directly on cedar planks, which imparts a lovely woodsy flavor while creating a buffer from the flames. Just soak the planks in water for a few hours before throwing directly on the grill grates. Close the top to “smoke” the fish to perfection.

The second rule: Take a page from the fisherman and learn to be patient. Fish should be flipped twice, tops. Fussing with or checking on your fillets is a sure way for your dinner to fall apart, literally.

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