Grill It: How Do I Grill Awesome Burgers?

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Burgers on a grill

Q: How Do I Grill Awesome Burgers?

A: Cooking a burger to perfection can’t be all that hard, right? A quick look at the hundreds of sites out there devoted to the topic tells another story. No doubt, it’s the little steps make all the difference.

Perfection starts with a good product. Many cooks reach for 85 percent ground chuck, which has enough fat to keep the burger juicy.

Patty your burgers loosely with cold hands using cold meat, taking care not to overwork it. Many outdoor cooks dimple the patty in the middle, forming a small well, which allows the burger to cook more evenly. The dimple will eventually even out as the burger cooks.

Sprinkle the burger with salt and pepper just before you throw it on a hot grill – that way the salt won’t draw the moisture out in advance. Close the lid to get a more even cook. Then, patience is key — don’t fuss with or flip the burgers too often or you will lose the grill marks and the juices that make the burger tasty.

Whatever you do, don’t press the burgers with the back your spatula when they are on the grill. Some cooks seem to think this speeds up the cooking process and helps with the grill marks – but it will just allow the precious juices to seep out.

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