Grill It: Grilling Without a Grate

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot

A flame on the grill

Q: Can I grill without a grate?

A: Grilling without a grate is possible—and in some cases, you might even prefer it.

Steal this nifty idea that we learned about in Steven Raichlen’s seminal work The Barbecue Bible for grilling skewered items: Grab two bricks or pieces of paver stone from your local Home Depot store. Place them either directly on the existing grill grates or on either side of a very even layer of hot coals.

Position the bricks or stones far enough apart so that skewers can rest comfortably on them. If you are placing the items directly on the coals, make sure your skewers are two inches above the coals, so your food doesn’t get too charred.

Why would you want to grill without a grate? First of all, you may have a late-breaking grill malfunction, and we wouldn’t want your party to be halted because of that. Second, with this technique, your kebabs won’t get stuck to the grates.

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