Grill It: Grilling Safety Tips

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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A grill, a safe distance from the house or furniture

Q: I’m kind of a klutz. What are some grilling safety tips?

A: Two biggies that might defy commons sense with grilling safety: If the flames on your grill flare up when, say, a drip of fat falls on them, don’t pour water on them. Close the lid to cut off the oxygen supply instead. And never, ever douse a lit grill with lighter fluid to up the ante.

Some other smart moves: Never use a grill that’s wobbly or has loose parts. For gas grillers, check the tube that leads the fuel to the grill to make sure there’s no blockage before each use. Also, damaged or nicked connectors are a red flag, since they can lead to a leak.

Don’t ever grill inside, even in a carport of partially covered garage or patio, and make sure you keep your grill at least 10 feet away from the sides of your deck or house.

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand, no matter where you are cooking. Then, put on your fire-resistant grilling mitts and repeat after us: safety first!

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