Grill It: Do I Really Have to Clean My Grill?

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot


A: Outdoor cooks agree that it’s best to use a stiff-wire brush to clean most grills — to keep your food tasty and to ensure that the grill stays around for longer. (For porcelain-coated grills, the weapon of choice is a brass-bristle brush.)

Allow the grill to heat up for about five minutes, then scrub with the grill brush before you get cooking. Simple as that. If you don’t have a brush on hand, crumple up some aluminum foil, hold it with grill tongs, then use it to scrub the funk off your grates. After cooking, you can crank up the heat for five to ten minutes to burn off any food pieces, too.

If you’ve got an “emergency grade” cleaning job, try this trick: tightly wrap cooking grates with aluminum foil, shiny side facing out. Place inside your hot grill for 15 to 30 minutes. After the grate cools, unwrap and see if your problem has disintegrated in the foil.

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