Grill It: Appetizers for the Grill

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Pizza on the grill

Q: What are some cool finger foods to toss on the grill?

A: Maybe you’re having a grill party, but don’t have enough chairs to make it a regular sit-down meal. Or maybe you just want something nice for your guests to munch on from the grill before the eating gets serious. So it’s good to have some grilled appetizers in your grilling repertoire.

Some jalapeño poppers or stuffed peppers make a great treat, though they take a little handiwork before the party. Grilled pizzas are easy to slice and share (think: pesto-mozzarella-tomato or marinara with sausage, peppers and onions). Just brush the grill with plenty of olive oil before throwing the pizzas on.

Shrimp or chicken on a skewer is a great base for a casual appetizer grill party, and especially delightful with a generous brush of sweet lime-chili sauce. And don’t forget the obvious: smoky, spicy chicken wings on the grill.

If you are serving up several savory bites, a small dessert will excite the crowd. Try halving slightly less-than-ripe peaches and throwing them on face down. Toss on a dollop of ricotta or goat cheese and top with honey or a balsamic reduction for a tasty three-bite treat.

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