4 Easy Ways to Give Your Christmas Tree Decorations a Fresh Look

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4 Easy Ways to Give Your Christmas Tree a Fresh Look

In our Holiday Style Challenge series, some of our favorite bloggers brought you new and creative ideas for decorating your home for the holidays. In this series, several of our bloggers added fresh flair to their Christmas tree by adding customized touches, and we loved the way they weren’t afraid to add a little sparkle, paint, and yes, even succulents to their Christmas traditions.

1. Update Your Christmas Ornaments with Paint

For the new DIY-er to the seasoned pro, paint is the most essential material when it comes to updating, well, anything.

To give their Star Wars-themed Christmas tree a bit of sci-fi flavor, Ashley and Greg of the blog 7th House on the Left sprayed gold ornaments with a bit of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, and rubbed the paint all over the ornaments by hand to give it a muted metallic glow. This gave their simple glass ornaments the exact look and feel to complement their theme, and it also breathed new life into old ornaments for their tree.

Update your Christmas tree ornaments with Paint

2. Embellish Christmas Ornaments with Unusual Materials

A bit of twine (or even duct tape!) is a great way to jazz up simple, solid ornaments. For her gold and white Christmas tree, Courtney of the blog A Thoughtful Place added leopard print duct tape and twine to her gold ornaments, giving them extra detail and interest. A colorful ribbon or swatches of patterned fabric would create a similar effect!

Embellish Christmas Tree Ornaments with unusual materials

Embellish ornaments with unusual materials

3. Add Live Greenery to your Christmas Tree with Floral Picks

For her nature-inspired Christmas tree, Emily of the blog Emily A. Clark attached succulents to floral picks with floral tape, and tucked them into the branches of her snowy fir.

Succulents on floral picks create an element of surprise in a Christmas tree

Succulents add an element of surprise to a traditional Christmas tree

A nature-inspired Christmas tree with succulents

 4. Add Ribbon To Your Christmas Tree Decorations to Create a Color Palette

A bright, colorful ribbon is a fantastic way to inject your tree with a heaping dose of festive color. To create her simple, elegant Christmas tree, Jessica of the blog Four Generations One Roof wrapped a thick red ribbon around her tree.

Inject your tree with colorful ribbon to create an established palette

In her mantel Style Challenge, Jenny of Everyday Occasions, however, wrapped her 4.5 foot trees with upholstery strapping — a similar idea, but a completely different look and feel. The tan and red of the upholstery strapping perfectly complements the neutral palette of her living room and her homemade red stockings!

Wrap tree with upholstery strapping to give it a rustic, homespun feel

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