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It’s no wonder that guest contributor Jessica Bruno does all her DIY projects family style — she’s the self-described “ring leader” of the Four Generations One Roof blog about life in a four-generation family living in one house. Her family always seems to be working on some sort of home improvement project. Here, she shows us how her concrete resurfacing project transformed the home’s old patio.

Have you ever stared, year after year, at the biggest eye sore in your yard and wondered, what the heck you were going to do with that space? Each year that goes by, you think the same thing and nothing changes? Well for me, it was our patio. This happens to be my mom and dad’s outdoor space, and the annoyed and frustrated feeling that my mom and I would have when we stepped foot on this 60-year-old patio was overwhelming. My dad could care less, he thought it was fine!

Before and after photos of the concrete resurfacing project

So this year, my mom and I made a trip to The Home Depot and bought five four-gallon buckets of concrete resurfacer to restore the old patio.

You will notice in the picture above, that the cement was peeling and cracked leaving some fairly large open spaces. The Restore product will fill in up to a ¼ inch, but nothing more. This stuff is very thick and cement-like but extremely easy to apply.

First, be sure to broom clean your space and then powerwash. I actually powerwashed it twice simply because is was so dirty, and I wanted to get off all the peeling paint and loose cracked cement. I would not recommend using a chemical or soap to clean your space unless you are confident you can remove it all completely. Any residue remaining from a cleaner will not allow your product to adhere properly. A good broom sweeping (while wet) also helped. Let your space dry for at least 24 hours and be sure that if you have cracked loose cement, you allow the grooves/holes to dry completely.

If you’re dealing with large holes in your concrete, investigate your options for filling them with a cement patch and allowing proper time to cure before applying this product.

Materials you will need for concrete resurfacing project

Items you will need:

1. Restore Liquid Deck Resurfacer in a color of your choice (we chose Cape Cod Gray)

2. Restore Roller. I highly recommend this roller. Don’t use a regular paint roller in a concrete resurfacing project. You are essentially spreading tinted cement, and you will need this roller to spread it evenly.

3. Paint roller extender

4. Paint roller frame. You may also need a brush if your space abuts the house or another surface.

 The next step simply involves dumping a small portion of the resurfacer onto your patio or deck and spreading it around with your brush or roller. It is as simple as that. The directions said to use a paint liner and paint tray, but I opted for the dump and roll method :).

This product is very thick, with the consistency of cement, so work in small sections. I actually found that pushing and pulling the roller worked better than rolling back and forth (like you would typically if rolling paint on a wall). Simply push and pull the product with the roller. The product directions are very simple and straightforward. If you need to take a break, just wrap your roller (they are $8 apiece so try to keep it fresh for the entire project) in a plastic shopping bag or tin foil. Wrap it tight and don’t let the air in. I wrapped my roller 3 different times over the course of the weekend and the roller stayed moist and worked perfectly each time!

Two views of the concrete resurfacing project

This project took about six hours total, not including the power washing and 24 hours of dry time. The finished patio is dramatically improved and we can actually walk barefoot on the cement and not have tiny little cement pieces or dirt stick to our feet!

The concrete resurfacing project completed

The concrete resurfacing project completed

Read more about Jessica’s concrete resurfacing project, and see more photos on Four Generations, One Roof

Neither The Home Depot nor Synta, the manufacturer of the Restore product, compensated Jessica for this post. The opinions and ideas Jessica expressed are her own.  

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