Gift Ideas for Men and Women Who Love Tools

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It’s sometimes hard to come up with good gift ideas for men and women who are handy with tools. This special person in your life may be a DIYer, a crafter, a hobbyist, or maybe a home owner who handles his or her own home repairs. You can be sure to score a big hit when you present your handy husband or wife, niece or nephew with something for the workshop, or upgrade an often-used tool. We asked some of our Home Depot associates to help come up with just the right gift.

Cordless Power Drill

Gift Ideas for Men Makita 1-2 inch Cordless Drill KitIn his 17 years talking with Home Depot customers in the store aisles, associate Michael O’Shea¬†says cordless drills are the most asked-for gift. That’s for good reason. Besides a hammer and screwdrivers, a power drill is a staple of any DIYer’s tool kit. A good power drill not only drills, it also drives screws, helps with sanding and even cuts small holes. Michael really likes the Makita 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2 in. Cordless Drill Kit.

A 1/2-inch drill is a little more powerful than a 3/8-inch drill, which is what a lot of weekend DIYers have. This 1/2-inch drill would be a great upgrade for someone who already has a 3/8-inch drill. A 1/2-inch drill is a little more powerful, and so will be all the more versatile. Customers say this Makita cordless drill has a lot of power, great battery life and it’s lightweight and easy to hold. It’s sure to be a winning gift for any DIYer or home owner.

Dremel Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel Rotary Tool KitIt’s amazing how often Dremel tools top the wishlists of hobbyists and crafters, including quite a large number of Home Depot associates.

Home Depot’s Christine Sharry says she couldn’t live without her Dremel. “You can use it to clean small parts, etch glass, or even carve a pumpkin,” she says. Jay Harris, another longtime Home Depot associate, says it’s a great tool for a lot of smaller DIY or home improvement jobs, too, such as cutting soffit or plastic sheets, or even sharpening lawn mower blades.

The Dremel 3000 Model Kit (shown in the photo illustration) is a great starter kit. It comes with a wide variety of attachments for cutting metal, carving wood, drilling small screws and more.

Leatherman All-Purpose Multi-Tool

 Leatherman Multi-ToolTravis Poore, who’s been at The Home Depot for more than two decades, and fixing stuff longer than that, calls his Leatherman “the best tool my wife ever gave me.” That’s an endorsement that should help any gift giver feel confident about presenting this handy item.

This is another one of those tools DIYers and fixer-uppers rave about. Depending on the Leatherman model you get, it will have pliers, snips, screwdrivers, even a saw (!). And these aren’t flimsy “pretend” tools you find with some multi-tools. You can actually, say, fix a broken-down car on the side of the road with one of these. Ask Travis. He’s done exactly that.

Shown is the Leatherman Super Tool 300 19-in-1. But The Home Depot carries several other multi-tools from the Leatherman Tool Group.

We’ve just scratched the surface here of gift ideas for men who use tools — and for tool-loving women, too! Take a look at our Gift Picks from Home Depot Experts page on our online How-To Community Forums from more gift ideas for the DIYer in your life.

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