Fun Halloween Projects to Decorate Your Yard

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of Senior Editor, The Home Depot Blog

A cute Halloween yard decoration project made of painted lumber

Spooky Lumber Gang

The Home Depot’s How-To Community Forums are a great place to get expert answers to your home improvement and gardening questions. Our creative and talented Community associates also post instructions on how-to projects there. They don’t limit themselves to your ordinary home and garden projects, though. Our how-to wizards are also known to apply their skills to fun stuff … like Halloween decorations. They’re working on a whole series of terrific DIY Halloween projects, in fact, and the projects they’re coming up with are amazing and easy to do.

Take for instance the cute Halloween yard decoration project shown above. Community associate Christine Claret calls it her Spooky Lumber Gang.

It’s so simple to do — it’s basically just 2 x 4s and paint. Christine does reveal some clever secrets about each of these pieces. The monster’s eyes are made from hot glue, for instance, and the mummy’s bandages are made from duct tape that’s been shredded with a screw.

A spooky spider Halloween yard decoration made of PVC pipe

PVC Spider

If you’re interested in making something a little more creepy for your Halloween display, check out the PVC Spider Halloween yard decoration invented by Home Depot associate PaintPro.

His spider creation is made of PVC pipe, chicken wire, landscaping material and — the secret ingredient in every great DIY project — duct tape. And this PVC spider looks awesome, but it only costs about $45 to build.

PaintPro has laid out everything you need for the project, including a materials list, step-by-step instructions and plenty of photos to show you exactly what to do.

Since these DIY Halloween projects are on our How-To Community Forums, it’s easy for you to ask questions or make suggestions on how to make the projects even better. Plus, we’d LOVE to see your photos of these projects and how you used them for your Halloween display.

Check out some of our other Halloween projects, including instructions on how to create a delightfully kitschy flock of skeleton yard flamingos and plans for a cute Halloween scarecrow. We’ll be adding even more Halloween projects over time.

And take a look at our Holiday Decorations page for more Halloween decorations to go with your DIY Halloween projects.

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