From the Forums, Tailgating Edition: How to Build a Tailgate Game Table

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Our How-To Community associate ChrisFixit has designed some very DIY clever projects that you can find on our online How-To Community Forums. But for this special tailgating edition of our From the Forums series, we’re showcasing this tailgating table he put together especially for The Home Depot’s College Gameday Facebook App. It’s suitable for serving food, and once the eating is down, it becomes a football-field-themed game table.

You can download these instructions in printable form at the Home Depot Facebook page. And while you’re at College Gameday Facebook App, check out the instructions for building the deluxe version of this tailgate game table. 

Materials you’ll need to build this tailgate table:

  • 6-foot plastic folding table
  • Paint primer
  • Green spray paint
  • 6 – 1-foot pieces of ¾” PVC
  • 4 – 6-inch pieces of ¾” PVC
  • 4 – ¾” PVC elbows
  • 4 – ¾” PVC caps
  • 2 – ¾” PVC tees
  • 2 – ¾” u-clamps
  • White electrical tape
  • 4 – 1 ½” wood screws

Step 1:

Open the folding table and begin the project by cleaning the surface with soap and water, then allow to dry completely. Cover the entire surface and table sides with a plastic primer. Once the primer has had sufficient drying time you can paint the turf. For the green of our field we chose a hunter green spray paint doing two coats with ample drying time in between.


Step 2:

For the field strips you have two options painted or taped. In this case we chose tape as it was far quicker to apply. Measure from the table end and place a mark at 4 inches, then measuring from there mark every 8  inches until you reach the center divider of the table. Repeat for the opposing side. Use a straight edge and lay the tape from mark to mark until you have completed both table halves.

Adding white stripes to the tailgating game table

Step 3:

The goal posts are assembled by taking two of the 1-foot lengths and capping off one end and placing an elbow at the other. Join to the tee with the 6-inch lengths, and finish it off with another 1-foot length. Secure the goal posts to the table using a u-clamp and screws.

An end zone view of the tailgating game table

Step 4:

If you chose to place yard numbers at each yard line, the process is very simple. Using number stencils, take a foam brush dip it into white paint and stipple the number onto the table. Be sure to have
a rag handy to wipe away any excess paint.

Step 5:

Last thing to do after building your game table is to get some Solo cups and ping pong balls, and have some fun.

It's boys against girls at the tailgating game table

ESPN’s College GameDay was built by The Home Depot, and now The Home Depot’s Facebook page has a College GameDay app. The app features tailgating DIY projects, including how-tos for a tailgate table and ladder golf. It also helps fans find great tailgating products at great prices.

For even more tailgating ideas and inspiration, follow the Apron blog’s  Tailgating series. We’ll gear you up for game day with tips, like the top ten things every Tailgating All-Star needs, and more awesome DIYs, like a homemade PVC flag pole for your tailgating camp

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