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We’ve mentioned ways to get rid of rodents, but sometimes homeowners find themselves in a battle to keep birds out of the house or away from the yard. And that’s exactly the problem that was facing “Pruettfam,” who posted a question about bird control on The Home Depot’s online Community Forums:

We’re first-time home owners. We have the dryer vents on the outside of the house with flaps, however birds have still found a way inside. Also we have a pigeon family under the eave of the roof. How do we remove the nests and prevent birds from returning?

Community associate PaintPro swooped in with his expert advice on how to clean up the nests and repel the birds:

plastic hawk bird decoy

The dryer vent situation will be easy to fix: just remove the old nest and clean out the vent passage as best as you can. Remove the outer vent cover and attach a Dryer Vent Bird Guard in its place. This will deter any future nest building.

a dryer vent designed to keep birds out

The nest under the roof will have to be removed by hand from a ladder because mud and debris will stick to the painted surface. You may find that the area may need to be washed (either with a garden hose or pressure washer) to remove any pigeon residue. I assume that there is some sort of ledge where the nests are being constructed and where the birds may be sitting during the day.

A bird's eye bird repelling thingy

There is this eye-like deterrent that has been specially designed to scare birds away from certain areas you don’t want them near. I don’t really know how it works but I’m guessing that it looks like some sort of predator to the birds, shown above. There are also several other methods to scare away birds for consideration like: bird repellent ribbon, plastic hawks and owls, and bird spikes.

Check out some of the other bird deterrents by Bird B Gone at The Home Depot, as well as bird control products by Bird-X, including an awesome floating alligator head that scares birds (and uninvited swimmers?) from your pond.

Seriously. Check out the alligator.

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