Walking The Aisles: Five Things to Know About Integrated LED Light Fixtures

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

 kitchen with integrated LED light fixtures

LED lighting technology is advancing rapidly, and The Home Depot is proud to offer products representing the newest step forward in how we light our homes: integrated LED light fixtures. These new products are changing the way we think of light fixtures. The light emitting diodes– the small lamps that create the light– are now so reliable, efficient and long lasting that for many applications, the concept of changing burned out light bulbs is becoming obsolete. This means that the lighting fixture you place in your kitchen, dining room, bath or back yard can now come with the LED integrated into the design, and the LED will last as long as the fixture itself.

Our integrated LED fixtures include recessed lightsunder cabinet lighting, as well as beautiful decorative lighting from Juno, Eurofase and other manufacturers. In fact, all the lighting you see in the image above is produced by LEDs in integrated fixtures. We also offer great LED options for outdoor landscape lighting, like path lights in both solar and low voltage options, and outdoor security lighting.

Of course, The Home Depot continues to sell LED bulbs for your existing fixtures, but expect to see more types of integrated LED fixtures becoming available.


1. LED Light Fixtures Are Remarkably Long-Lasting And Virtually Maintenance-Free

The Juno Amber Drift Short-Cone LED Pendant

The light emitting diodes that produce the light are designed to last 25,000 hours. That means no more light bulb changes or maintenance, which is especially helpful with hard-to-reach outdoor lighting that requires ladders or other special equipment to access once they are mounted. You’re getting lamp life that is far longer than traditional lighting, minus the maintenance and replacement costs.

2. They Offer Huge Energy Cost Savings

LED light fixtures consume up to 85 percent less energy than standard lighting over the course of their long lives, while providing just as much brightness and versatility. LED light fixtures are also cool to the touch. Cool lights help reduce air conditioning needs.

3. They Are Among The Most Durable Lights You Can Find

Hampton Bay Premium Brushed Nickel Solar LED Walk Light

Hampton Bay Solar LED Walk Lights

Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights have no filament and are undamaged under circumstances when a traditional bulb would be broken. They’re excellent for use in cold climates, where some standard fluorescent lighting is more susceptible to malfunction. LED light fixtures turn on instantly in all weather conditions. They’re even impervious to on/off cycling, which can shorten the lifespan of traditional lighting.

4. They’re Easier To Live With

We touched on the fact that LED light fixtures are virtually maintenance-free, but that’s just part of what makes them so easy to be around. LED lights are also buzz-free, so you can say goodbye to that annoying background hum we’ve all heard from major light fixtures.

5. You Can Have Them Your Way

Some people may think LED light fixtures are stuck putting out cold, yellow-ish kind of light that draws attention to itself, but the truth is that they offer a variety of color tones, temperatures, and brightness levels. That means that virtually any illumination provided by traditional bulbs can be matched by LED lights – with the addition of a host of benefits as we’ve shown you.

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