Fertilizer Spreaders: The Different Types

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

There are several types of spreaders you can use to fertilize your lawn. The type of fertilizer spreader and fertilizer you use will determine the proper usage settings on your spreader. Typically a fertilizer bag will come with recommended settings on the label for each type of spreader.

A walk-behind broadcast spreader is the most popular type of spreader. These are designed to cast fertilizer over a wide area of grass.

Handheld spreaders are small and designed for small lawns. They are also good for fertilizing a patchy area that is hard to reach with a conventional spreader.

Snap spreaders are increasing in popularity as they take a lot of the guesswork and mess out of fertilizing.

Drop spreaders are similar to broadcast spreaders but offer a little more control. Instead of spreading fertilizer over a large area, they drop fertilizer down onto the grass in an area as wide as their wheelbase.

Liquid spreaders spray fertilizer from a bottle attached to your garden hose. They are easy to use and are designed to provide an instant nutrient boost to your lawn.

For best coverage and uniformity, you will want to apply your fertilizer in overlapping patterns. You should make one complete pass vertically across your lawn and then go back and make a second pass horizontally across your lawn.  This will ensure an even dispersal of fertilizer over your entire lawn.

Make sure to apply fertilizer when your lawn is dry to reduce the instances of leaf burn. However, you will want to make sure to water your lawn once fertilizer is applied so that the nutrients can soak into the soil.

Lastly, be sure to clean your spreader thoroughly once you are done using it so it will be ready for use the next time you are ready to feed your lawn.

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