Fall Lawn Care: Removing Branches and Limbs

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Fall is a perfect time for cleanup in the yard. Many projects can be done in the yard and around your home to prepare for winter. One of these fall lawn care projects is removing branches and limbs from trees that need shaping or have dead or diseased limbs.

Large limbs that are roughly six or more inches in diameter are more easily removed with a heavy-duty gas powered chainsaw. This allows for the proper amount of torque and power to handle these large, dense limbs.

When shopping for a chainsaw, look for a version that has a kickback-reducing system and a chain-catcher. A chain-catcher will lessen the chance of injury if your chain breaks during operation. It is also a good idea to have a friend on hand to ensure that larger pieces of the limbs don’t cause injury when falling. Also, make sure to wear safety goggles and work gloves.

When you are ready to cut a limb, start cutting on the bottom side and cut halfway through the limb. From there, cut through the other side of the limb, until it falls. If you also have some smaller branches to clear out, a tree pruner will allow you to reach up high and cut through them quickly.

To get rid of the debris from trimming your trees, use a chipper to create mulch. You can use this mulch in your garden to help keep the soil warm over winter. If you are pruning diseased limbs, do not use these as garden mulch. They can transfer the disease into your garden. For the larger branches, consider using a log splitter to cut the branches into a more manageable size. This will create firewood that you can use all winter long.

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