Fall Home Maintenance: Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

A great fall home maintenance project is cleaning your home’s exterior. The spring and summer months will have taken a toll on the outside of your home and deck. Oftentimes, the summer months can breed mold or mildew that need to be removed to keep your home protected and help prevent damage. You can easily accomplish this project in a day with a pressure washer.

Home Depot carries many sizes of pressure washers. These include gas-powered, electric, and commercial grade models. There are also a multitude of cleaning solutions, spray wands, and gun kits to go with the pressure washers. There are also connectors and adapters that will help you upgrade your washer to get better performance.

If you don’t have a pressure washer at home, you can rent one from your local Home Depot Tool Rental. They can be rented in 4-hour or daily increments. Pricing and availability vary around the country so be sure to check with your local store first.

First, give the exterior of your home a quick and light once-over to help loosen the dirt that the sun baked on over the summer. Next you can add a mold and mildew cleaner, concrete degreaser or all-purpose cleaner, depending on the area of your exterior you are cleaning and repeat the process.  These cleaners should help remove tough stains and give you better results.

Once you have done the exterior of your home, give your driveway, porch and patio a thorough cleaning as well. You can also pressure wash your patio furniture on a gentle setting and remember to remove the cushions.

After your patio furniture has been washed and is thoroughly dried, cover it with furniture covers. You can also store it in your garage or shed, or put your cushions in an easy access deck box. This will minimize exposure to the elements, and protect your furniture in the winter months.

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