DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Your Sweetheart: #9 Faux Bois Cookies

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Day 9 of 14: DIY Valentine’s Gifts for your Sweetheart finds our writers discussing great Home Depot products or projects for gift ideas. In today’s edition, Caroline shows Jae how to bake cookies that worth carving his initials into.  

Faux bois Valentine's Day cookies

Jae:  What do women really want for Valentine’s Day, besides the usual box of chocolates and red roses? Caroline, you’re a girl—help us out.

Caroline: ‘You’re a girl?’ Wow, you’re so astute, Jae!

I don’t think that Valentine’s Day gifts need to be something grand or over-the-top, though I’m sure none of us would turn down a luxe gift like roses or chocolates, but I think the important thing is to remind your Valentine that you were thinking about them on this day of love. I think sweets are really a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, not only because of the lover nicknames like ‘sweetheart’ and ‘sweetie’ but because they feel indulgent. Plus, they say ‘you look hot and I love you even though you just shoveled two dozen chocolate truffles into your mouth.’

Jae: It will take a while to erase that mental image from my brain. But anyway, how do I give my sweetheart a sugary gift without it looking like I ran to the pharmacy last minute and grabbed the first red heart box I found?

Caroline: What about baking her some valentine cookies? This is a super easy recipe (even, man-proof I would say), that you could use. It might be one of the easiest DIY Valentine’s gifts ever.

Better yet, bake her some cookies, and spruce them up with a faux bois treatment. You can use this wood rocker to create a pattern on each cookie. If you’re feeling unusually sweet, carve you initials or a special date into a cookie–sort of like carving your initials into a tree.

To make these cookies, we used this recipe for Chocolate Sugar Cookies. After rolling out the dough, we used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to stamp out each cookie, then we used the Martha Stewart Wood Grain Rocker to create the faux bois pattern on the cookies.

Martha Stewart Wood Grain Tool

Faux bois Valentine's Day cookies

If you like, add your own designs, initials, or message on the cookies after using the wood rocker. Bake according to the recipe and enjoy!

Editor’s Note: If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, how can you choose the best Valentine’s Gift for someone on the other planet? Our DIY Valentine’s Gifts series highlights 14 great Home Depot gift ideas for your sweetie.


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