DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Your Sweetheart: #7 Window Screen Earring Holder

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Day 7 of 14: DIY Valentine’s Gifts for your Sweetheart finds our writers discussing great Home Depot products or projects for gift ideas. In today’s edition, Ayana reminds Thomas that do-it-yourself gifts are extra thoughtful, but shiny stuff is good, too. 

How to make an earring holder with window screen and a picture frame

Thomas:  A lot of guys are tired of getting their wives and girlfriends the same type Valentine’s Day gifts every year. The same old dozen roses, boxes of candy and teddy bears just seem boring. And what if a fellow gave his sweetie a necklace and earrings for Christmas? More jewelry just seems unimaginative.

Ayana:  There’s nothing at all wrong with a dozen roses and some candy or a teddy bear. Trust me, we love that kind of thing. And don’t EVER hesitate to give your girl something shiny. But I understand what you’re saying, and anyone in that situation is definitely due for a Valentine’s gift makeover. All it takes is a bit of do-it-yourself creativity.

Thomas:  DIY is good, but don’t assume that all guys are real handy with tools. I hope whatever you have in mind isn’t too complex.

Ayana:  Don’t worry. When it comes to DIY Valentine’s gifts, this is pretty easy.

It’s an earring organizer that any lady will find practical and useful, and considering her beau is who will have made it, it will be an extra thoughtful gift. Thoughtful is good—as good as shiny. As a bonus, you can give it to her with those earrings you didn’t get her for Christmas.

All you need is window screen and a picture frame, a pair of scissors, a piece of fabric and a stapler or a hot glue gun.

Materials needed for window screen earring holder

Follow these directions:

1. Remove the back and the glass from the picture frame.

Prepare picture frame

2. Take the window screen and place it inside the frame.

Place window screen

3. Staple (or glue using the hot glue gun) the window screen to the frame. Be sure to pull the screen tightly.

Staple window screen to picture frame

4. Use the scissors to trim the excess window screen.

Trim excess window screen

5. Staple fabric over the back of the window frame.

Staple fabric to back of picture frame

6. Trim excess fabric.

Trim fabric

That’s it! You’re done. It’s pretty easy. But, your sweetie will think you spent hours.

Window screen earring holder finished

Thomas:   What a clever idea! It’s easy to make, and it has that personal touch that comes from making something with your own hands.

Ayana: AND, it means you can give your girl more earrings, too. Don’t forget the shiny, remember?

Editor’s Note: If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, how can you choose the best Valentine’s Gift for someone on the other planet? Our DIY Valentine’s Gifts series highlights 14 great Home Depot gift ideas for your sweetie.

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