Easy DIY Frame to Hold Lawn Bags Open

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Cleaning up your yard of leaves and debris is a never-ending battle. To make it worse, it seems as though the lawn bags never stay open until they are fairly full. Tom from our How-To Community has this video tutorial on building an easy PVC pipe frame to solve this common problem.

For tools and materials you will need:

First, cut two 30” lengths of the PVC pipe. Then cut eight 4” pieces and four 13.5” pieces.

Take two 4” PVC pieces and fit them into a PVC tee. From there, add elbows to each end. Next, you will want to fit two 13.5” pieces of PVC into the open ends of the elbows. Then take another PVC tee, add a 4” piece of PVC on either side, add elbows to the ends and combine it to the structure you just built. This will create a rectangle that will fit easily into your lawn bag and you will want to make two of these.

Next, you will want to take your two 30” pieces of PVC and stick them upright on the rectangle you just built on the open end of the two PVC tees.  Take your other PVC rectangle and add to the other end of the 30” PVC pipes. This will give you a structure that should slip easily into your lawn bag.

Once you have placed the PVC structure into the bag you can begin filling. When using this structure, remember to remove it when the bag is about half full to keep it from spilling leaves and lawn clippings. Once the bag is about half full, it should stay open on its own.

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