DIY Lamp Made from Upcycled Bottle

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of The Home Depot

 A DIY lamp made from an upcycled old bottle

Rough industrial accents look great when pitted against plush, pillowed bedrooms. That’s why this simple DIY lamp looks lovely in this setting. It is just an old glass bottle and some hardware, collected from aisles of your local Home Depot that you don’t often meander down. (Hint: You’ll need to locate the electrical and plumbing sections!) The bracket attaches the lamp to the wall to make an unusual bedside sconce with a kind of industrial vibe. This DIY project is easy to do, and it only costs about $20.

Materials for making an DIY lamp out of a bottle

Here’s what you’ll need for this DIY lamp project:

An old bottle (any type of bottle will work — wine bottles work particularly well — but be creative!)
Make-A-Lamp Bottle Adapter Kit
A light bulb (for this industrial look, we chose the The Original Vintage Style “Edison” light bulb)
Zinc threaded rod (¼-inch)
A hack saw
Two hex nuts  (¼-inch)
A beam clamp, threaded for a ¼-inch threaded rod
A conduit hanger, chosen for the size of your bottle (2 inches works for most openings)
Drywall mount and screw, chosen for the wall you will attach it to
Metallic spray paint (optional)
A lampshade that attaches directly to a bulb (optional)

Step 1 (optional):

If you do not like the brass fixtures in your Bottle Adapter Kit, feel free to spray paint them a different color. I chose a silver metallic spray paint to go with the other industrial elements in the lamp. Do this step first so that the pieces can dry completely.

DIY lamp kit items that have been spray painted

Step 2:

Figure out where you’d like your new DIY lamp to go, and then measure out how long you would like the threaded rod to be. This is based on how far from the wall you’d like your sconce to stick out. Make sure it isn’t more than 5 inches, though. Use the hack saw to cut the rod. (It isn’t as hard as it looks!)

Hack saw and a threaded rod for an upcycled lamp

Step 3:

Add decorative items to the bottle. They can be delicate pieces of paper, silk flowers, old photos or found objects, like rocks. Let your imagination be your guide! I used some leaves that had just started to change color for the fall. It is easy to swap out the items with the seasons … or just as your mood dictates.

DIY lamp made from a bottle with pretty leaves and small branches inside

Step 4:

Put together the lamp according to the package directions on the Make-A-Lamp kit. Please note: It is not necessary to attach the clamp with the threaded rod at this time, but you may want to check the bottle to be sure it is a good fit, as is pictured here.

DIY lamp with lamp hardware attached

Step 5:

Put the anchor into the wall where you’d like your lamp to go. Attach the beam clamp base to the wall, as shown above. To get started, screw with the flat part of the piece down. As the screw tightens, flip the beam clamp up so that the flat part is on top. Tighten it well.

Attaching the base to the wall for the sconce

Step 6:

Attach the threaded rod to the conduit hanger with two hex bolts. Tighten it well with a wrench.

A threaded rod and a conduit hanger for the DIY lamp

Step 7:

Screw the threaded rod — with the conduit hanger attached to the end — into the base.

Attaching a threaded rod to a base for the DIY lamp

Step 8:

Attach the bottle to the conduit hanger, tightening it with a wrench. Attach the lamp part to the top. Screw in the light bulb and enjoy your new DIY lamp!

Tightening up the bracket for the DIY lamp

An upcycled lamp made from a bottle

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