DIY Headboard Makes Your Bedroom Seem More Spacious

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Scalloped DIY Headboard Project

You’ll be amazed at how this scalloped headboard will make your bedroom feel more spacious. Just follow these instructions to build your new headboard. Here’s the tutorial for this DIY headboard project. You can also download and print the instructions.

Skill Level: Advanced

Time: 8 hours

Cost: Less than $100

Tools and Materials

Step 1

Cut your headboard to the width of your bed. Then, measure lengthwise and mark the center of your headboard.

Standard bed width measurements:

  • Twin: 39 inches
  • Full: 54 inches
  • Queen: 60 inches
  • King: 76 inches

Cutting wood to the size of a bed in a DIY headboard project

Step 2

Pick one of the top corners, and mark a spot. Measure 24 inches down from that corner.

Measuring for a DIY headboard project

Step 3

Go to the center mark at the top of your headboard and measure down 10 inches. This is going to be the center of the arc.

Marking a point in a DIY headboard project

Step 4

Tie a piece of string to a pencil and hold the string down where you just made the 10-inch mark. Then, starting at the center mark, draw a semi-circle.

Drawing an arc in a DIY headboard project

Step 5

Starting at the end of your semi-circle, draw a 5-inch straight line toward the side of your plywood.

Drawing an arc in a DIY headboard project

Step 6

Now you are going to make an arc that is reversed from the first arc. Hold the string attached to the pencil at the top of the plywood. Draw an arc from the end of the straight line to the 24-inch mark on the side.

Marking the wood in a DIY headboard project

Step 7

Using a jigsaw, cut out the design on half of the headboard.

Cutting the design in a DIY headboard project

Step 8

Make a cardboard template from your cuts and trace it on the other side, so it will match.

Making a cardboard template in a DIY headboard project

Step 9

Add two 1×4-inch legs to the back of your headboard to achieve your desired finished height.

Adding the legs in a DIY headboard project

Step 10

Paint the headboard all over, then tape off a 3-inch border, and paint the border with metallic paint.

Painting a DIY  headboard

Step 11

Install the headboard on your bed.

DIY Headboard Project

Download printable instructions for this DIY headboard project and get started!

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