Simple Halloween Wreath in Three Steps

Article Posted By: Caroline Inge

of The Home Depot

DIY Halloween wreath made from copper refrigeration coil

When I came across the copper coils in The Home Depot’s plumbing aisle, I couldn’t look away from their shiny finish, beautiful color, and uncanny resemblance to the Halloween icon, the pumpkin. It inspired this shiny, slightly minimalist DIY Halloween Wreath project.

With just four supplies and five minutes, you can create your own pumpkin fall wreath.

Halloween Wreath made from copper pipes

You’ll need the following materials for your Halloween wreath:

To create the wreath, I simply wrapped the grosgrain ribbon around a square of poster board, and secured it with a few dots of hot glue.

DIY Halloween wreath

Then, I bent the coil to create an oval shape, similar to that of a pumpkin.

Slip the square of poster board (the stalk) in between the coils, tie a bit of ribbon around one of the coils to create a bow, and hang the wreath on the door!

Simple. Fast. Pretty.¬†Plus, it’s about the easiest homemade Halloween decoration we’ve ever seen.

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