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Homemade Halloween decorations-- plastic flamingos modified to show their skeletons

DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Yard

You might not have known that The Home Depot sells authentic pink lawn flamingos, which is pretty cool. But  that’s not quite as cool as this easy DIY project that turns lawn flamingos into clever DIY Halloween decorations. It’s one of the many projects put together by our Home Depot How-To Community associates.

Home Depot’s ChrisFixit is the DIY genius who came up with this Skeleton Flamingo Halloween project. It’s pretty simple, really.

You need some lawn flamingos (available in packs of 2, 10, 24 and 50), some white paint and some flat black spray paint. Plus you’ll need a permanent black marker and a small paint brush.

The skeleton flamingo painted black, with markings for painting the bones

ChrisFixit shows you how to draw the skeleton design onto each flamingo after you’ve given each bird two coats of black paint. Then you paint in the “bones” with white paint.

If you want to get fancy with it, there are also some suggestions on how to use glow-in-the-dark paint on the bones. He also explains how to protect the paint job against the elements.

(Speaking of cool stuff for your yard, did you spot Sasquatch in the photo of the skeleton flamingos?)

DIY Halloween Decorations Indoors

Meanwhile, How-To Community associate BostonRoots went all out decorating her home for Halloween. She shot the video below to show off her very clever ideas for decorating a Halloween party table.

She calls it her Spooktacular Halloween Table.

BostonRoots came up with a unique and very simple idea to make the most of dry ice in the Halloween display. She put 2- to 7-inch round elbows for duct work in the metal pails on top of the dry ice. These vent the vapor up and out at various levels, creating a sort of Industrial Revolution or mad scientist’s laboratory effect.

Galvanized duct work in dry ice for a Halloween display

BostonRoots gives details, too, on what she used for the table runner, and how she displayed the holiday lights to create a Halloween effect.

There are several other great homemade Halloween decorations you can make yourself. Check out the sophisticated colored light box with monster faces. There’s also a very simple, but effective wizard’s staff made from an outdoor pathway light and some PVC pipe. Check back for more projects, as we are always adding things.

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