DIY Ombré Tablecloth Made from Gardener’s Burlap

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DIY table cloth with Ombre

Add some fun tablecloths to your picnic table or buffet sideboard next time you have a summer get-together. In this easy DIY Ombré Tablecloth project, you’ll create a rustic tablecloth made from burlap.

Ombré–the gradual shading of a hue– is a trending style in fashion and home décor, and this project is a fun way to add a bit of color and texture to your next outdoor party. You can complete this project in a matter of hours, but allow for plenty of drying time.

DIY Ombre table cloth from burlap

To start, you’ll need:

A large bucket of water (large enough to fit your burlap)

1 roll of gardener’s burlap

1 package of Rit Dye in Scarlet red

spare hangers


disposable latex gloves (optional)

Step 1

Begin by cutting the roll of burlap into individual tablecloths. I had enough for 3 tablecloths of equal size. I then folded each portion of fabric in half, as I wanted to darkest part to be in the center and gradually lighten as it moved towards the end. I then clipped the portions of burlap to coat hangers so that I could easily dip them in the water and hang them up.

Like so:

Clipping burlap to clothes hangers

Step 2

Following the directions on the back of the dye box, dip the fabric in water before adding the dye. I only soaked the part of the fabric that I wanted to dye. I left the other portions dry, but you could also dip the entire piece of fabric. Mix the dye with boiling water (as directed by the instructions), then mix the dye with your bucket of water.

Rit dye

Step 3

Dip the burlap in the dye. Every few minutes, remove a portion of the fabric so that the bottom sections spend the most time in the dye bath. To achieve the ombré effect, you want the color to fade gradually from dark to light.

Dip burlap in dye for ombre effect

Dip burlap in dye for ombre effect

Step 4

Here are the tablecloths hanging to dry — remember they’re folded in half so the darkest color is in the middle. And voilà! The perfect accent to your next party!

DIY Ombre table clothes

DIY Ombre table cloth

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