A DIY Christmas Wreath, Made with Burlap, Ornaments and Ribbon

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DIY Burlap Wreath for Christmas with candy shaped ornaments

In a separate post, I showed how to create a simple DIY burlap wreath with burlap and pipe insulation. Not only is the burlap wreath cute and easy to make, but it’s also easy to decorate and redecorate for each season and holiday. It’s like your wreath “canvas” to display your holiday spirit throughout the year. Later, I updated it with black bat cutouts and orange and black ribbon to turn it into a DIY burlap wreath for Halloween.

Here I’ll show how to turn this into a DIY Christmas wreath using ornaments and ribbon.

If you haven’t already made it, check out the instructions on how to make the basic burlap wreath. It’s super easy to make.

Then, get ready to decorate this burlap wreath for Christmas.

A DIY Burlap Wreath decorated for Christmas

DIY Christmas Wreath

Skill level: Novice

Time: 1 hour to make the burlap wreath, and 15 minutes to decorate it for Christmas

Tools and Materials

Bundle two or three ornaments together and tie with string or thin ribbon

I started by sliding two or three ornaments onto a thin piece of ribbon (jute twine would work, too), then tying them together in groups of two and three. This creates the clustered look of the ornaments on the wreath. Next, I tied the clusters onto wreath.

Tie clusters of ornaments onto burlap wreath

Once I tied the ornament clusters onto the wreath, I was ready to add some larger, candy-shaped Christmas ornaments.

Begin working with ornaments

The candy-shaped Christmas ornaments I found suit the colorful, whimsical look I was going for with this wreath. But with these particular ornaments, the hooks are on the end, which prevents the ornaments from sitting flush against the burlap. To fix this, I just moved the hook eyes.

Remove pin from the ornament

First, I removed the wire hook eye pin from the hole at the top of the ornament.

Drill new hole into ornament

Then I drilled a new hole into the back of the ornament. I used gentle pressure with the drill so the drill bit wouldn’t go right through the other side!

Note that I was able to do this because I was working with a thick, plastic, shatterproof ornament. Do not try this with glass-blown ornaments. 

Put wire pin back into newly drilled hole

Then I put the pin into the newly drilled hole.

Put wire pin back into newly drilled hole

Next, using jute twine, I looped the twine through the pin and tied it to the burlap wreath.

Arrange ornaments so they are evenly placed around the wreath

When you make this DIY Christmas wreath, arrange the ornaments so they are evenly placed around the wreath. Tie a bow at the top or bottom of the wreath (whichever you prefer), and use a Command hook to hang the wreath on your door!

DIY Burlap Wreath for Christmas with candy shaped ornaments

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