Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas

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Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas

The dining room is where a lot of the action is  during Christmas celebrations. But coming up with dining room decorating ideas for Christmas isn’t always easy. That is, except for Monica Benavidez of the Monica Wants It blog. 

Monica took us up on our Holiday Style Challenge, in which we send some of our favorite design bloggers a mystery box of Home Depot Christmas decorating goodies, and let them amaze us with their Christmas decorating ideas.

Monica blew us away with how she transformed her dining room into a gorgeous space for entertaining holiday guests. She shares with us the clever and easy ways she incorporated Christmas decorations into her beautiful blue dining room decor. Plus, she even offers a few tips on how to make the most of your next chalkboard paint project. Read on for Monica’s terrific dining room decorating ideas for Christmas. 

When I got my assignment for the Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge, I was stoked! My dining room is my absolute favorite room of my house. It serves as a dining, entertaining, office, and lounging space. [Take a look at her shimmering blue dining room before the Christmas makeover. It’s beautiful! -ed.]

My box full of goodies from The Home Depot contained the Merry Metallics collection by Martha Stewart. The colors are gorgeous hues of gold, copper, and bronze. I added in silver and burlap for some extra texture and contrast.

When guests enter my home, the dining room is the first thing they see, so I made sure the entrance was as gorgeous as all the contents. Glittered, pre-lit pine garlands frame the entrance, and I used ornament hangers to attach ornaments for a more custom look.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Pine Garlands Framing Dining Room Entrance

One of the main focal points of a dining room is the table centerpiece, so I whipped up a super easy ornament garland using ornaments and thin ribbon.

In under 10 minutes, anyone can make a beautiful ornament garland. Double knot the end of a ribbon, thread ornaments onto the ribbon, move them into place, and double knot the other end once you’re satisfied. It’s so simple, but can be a dramatic focal point for any table, mantle, or tree. The more ornaments you add, the longer the garland.

Candlelight is also a must for my dining table, so some mercury glass candle holders and LED pillar candles help create a soft glow over the table. I chose carved wood candle holders to incorporate some of those rustic elements.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: LED Candles and Christmas Ornaments

My dining room is also home to two chandeliers I bought from The Home Depot back in 2010. Chandeliers are the perfect canvas for adding ornaments, ribbon, and garland. Using some fishing line, I hung six ornaments and a snowflake on each of my chandeliers. Some silver and gold beaded garland adds some extra sparkle.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Chandelier with Christmas Ornaments

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Chandelier Over a Dining Table Ready for Christmas Dinner

Two large windows let in natural light and are also the perfect spot for my glittery pre-lit wreaths.

While the wreaths were stunning as is, I decided to add clusters of ornaments and burlap ribbon to help them tie into the other decor in the room (hint: everything is attached to the wreath using floral wire, which is easy to work with and non-permanent). The wreaths are hung using Command hooks, so there’s no permanent damage to my windows. A window sill is also a great place to add in extra decor.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Wreath with Burlap Ribbon

My goal when people are over during the holidays is to insure that they’re comfortable. I created a beverage station so our guests can create their own hot chocolate or sparkling soda creations. Creating a beverage station also allowed me to makeover a red snowflake drink tub that was passed on to me by mom from her garage sale finds. After a few coats of silver glitter spray paint, it’s now a very sparkly addition to my holiday dining/entertaining pieces.

A tip when spray painting using specialty paints such as glitter or chalkboard paint is to make sure you prime your item really well. That makes your specialty paints last longer, and you’ll get awesome coverage. Also, if you seal your glitter projects with clear matte or gloss sealer, you’ll avoid the glitter flaking off.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Painted Beverage Tub

Simple burlap sashes with ornament clusters help give my canvases a bit of holiday cheer.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Beverage Station with Christmas Decorations

I have a tufted sofa and chair invite guests to sit, chat, and linger. This was the perfect place to put my new Christmas tree. For my dining room, I wanted something different than the huge, traditional tree I use in the family room, so this slim, potted tree was my choice. It’s accented with pinecones and berries, and I know it’ll be a tree I love for years to come.

Also in the photo below is a burlap garland I made  with ornaments, burlap ribbon, and fishing line: simply cut your burlap to the size you want, and hang ornaments equal distance apart.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Potted Christmas Tree and DIY Burlap Garland

I used spray paint to revamp this frame below I’ve had for years. It was originally black with a glass picture frame. Some white spray paint and chalkboard paint have now made this a place where I can spread holiday cheer.

To get a factory smooth finish, I used three light layers of primer on both the frame and the chalkboard, followed by three light layers of my spray paint/chalkboard paint. The frame is a white, high gloss finish. For the chalkboard, I used black primer to help get a super solid black color.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Painted Frame with Chalkboard Holiday Message

My dining room called for the use of tons of ornaments (over 300!), but I did have some left. Rather than putting them away, I decided to display them. Ornaments are an easy way to fill vases, cloches, or other unique vessels like a birdcage.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: Ornaments in Vase and in Birdcage

Overall, I hope that when guests visit our dining room, they feel it’s a beautiful, cozy, inviting space and want to linger and lounge the night away. I know that my dog PeeWee has been thoroughly enjoying his evenings by the tree. He even dressed up for the photo shoot!

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: PeeWee the Dog Decorated for Christmas

I hope my dining room space inspired you to decorate for the holidays! The Home Depot had everything I needed to transform my space, and I am so thankful I got this opportunity to share a piece of my home and heart with you.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas: A Shimmering Blue Dining Room Ready for the Holidays

Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Christmas from Monica of Monica Wants It

Happy holidays!

Monica Benavidez lives in Beeville, Texas and is the creative mind behind Monica Wants It. She says she started her blog as a way to share with the world the random things she wanted to buy, but it’s evolved into a terrific lifestyle blog where she chronicles her adventures in DIY, recipes, and life.  

To style her holiday dining room, Monica used these items from The Home Depot:

Take a look at all the great Christmas decorations we have at The Home Depot, and get more Christmas decorating ideas on our Holiday Crafts, Ideas, and Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Style Challenge is a series of posts from guest contributors who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using Home Depot products as a starting point. Monica received a selection of Christmas decorations from The Home Depot and a gift card to support her project, but The Home Depot provided no cash compensation. The opinions and ideas Monica expressed are her own.

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