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We just couldn’t get enough of Jocie Hagan’s succulent garden ideas so she’s back with even more creative ways to bring your decor to life with three crafty succulent arrangements. Her blog-within-a-blog at One Project Closer (OPC) is all about thrifty and fabulous DIY decor and crafts. And there’s definitely a crafty element to her latest projects. Read on for the complete DIY tutorial.

Creative Succulent Arrangements - with OPC's The Better Half, completed projects

I have admittedly gone succulent crazy! I am not a gardener and struggle to keep any plants alive, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. But I have found my gardening niche with succulents. They are fabulous plants because they are so hardy, low maintenance, and lend themselves to creative DIY projects! I first made a mason jar mini-succulent garden, but had a hard time stopping with just one garden. So, I kept going! Lol.

Creative Succulent Arrangements - Mason jar succulent garden

Here are 3 more creative succulent arrangements that take 5 minutes or less to make:

Birdcage Planter

This may be my favorite succulent garden yet. Succulents don’t need a lot of water or soil, and they can be planted in shallow containers. I had been wanting to incorporate a birdcage into our freshly redesigned dining room and just hadn’t gotten around to it. Then, as I was trying to come up with creative ways to use succulents, I was struck with how amazing this combination could be!

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Birdcage Succulent Garden

Materials Needed:

  • Birdcage
  • Succulents, Cacti
  • Rocks
  • Soil
  • Plastic planter liner

After buying my fabulous little birdcage, I realized all the wire in the base would be a problem, even with my pot liner. So I traced the base of the birdcage onto card stock, cut inside the line, and placed the circle in the base of the birdcage. While not real fancy, it kept the rack from falling through with cage.

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Birdcage Succulent Garden DIY

Next, I placed rocks around the edges of the bottom and put the liner in the center. I wish I had bought a flat liner instead of this curved one, but it worked okay in the end.

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Add rocks and liner to base

I then added a thin, loose layer of soil in the liner, prior to adding the plants.

Creative Succulent Arrangements: add a loose layer of soil

Last, but not least, I added the succulents and cacti. I put the cacti in the back and kept them in their plastic planters to help them not fall over.

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Succulents and cacti in birdcage

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Completed birdcage planter

That was insanely easy! It now sits in my window seat in our dining rom and looks so cheerful! Its been 3 weeks and they haven’t dies yet. I think it’s a record for me.

Chalkboard Planter

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Chalkboard planter

After I finished my birdcage planter, I had a bunch of left over succulents (I went a little crazy at the Big Orange, obviously). One succulent planter and one aloe plant came in pretty ceramic planters – I bought them in the planters because it was cheaper than buying smaller individual plants but I wasn’t really planning on using the planters themselves. But there they sat, and I didn’t want them to go to waste.

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Left over succulents that need a home

I first removed the plants from the cute, pink ceramic bowl and washed it off. After it dried, I grabbed some painter’s tape and taped off the top of the bowl.

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Preping pot for chalkboard paint

Fortunately, we had nice weather here in Baltimore, and I was able to go outside to spray paint. I used Chalkboard spray paint that I already had on hand, and sprayed the outside of the bowl. A little paint got inside the bowl too, but no big deal since it will be hidden by plants.

Creative Succulent Arrangements: Chalkboard spray paint

After the paint dried, I added a little chalk art and put the plants back in. Again, a super quick way to update and personalize any planter!

Creative Succulent Arrangements: completed birdcage and chalkboard planter

Burlap and Rope Planter

Adding a touch of your favorite fabric, rope, burlap, or ribbon is a QUICK way to freshen up a plain planter!

Creative Succulent Arrangements: burlap planter

Red is not a present color in my dining room, but I did like the pop of color and didn’t want to spray paint it. Instead I grabbed some burlap ribbon, rope, and hot glue that I had already on hand and wrapped it around the planter.

I love the touch of rustic against the red! Plus, since the plants are inside, I don’t have to worry about the fabric getting wet.

Creative Succulent Arrangements: three creative ways to plant succulents

Thanks again, Jocie! Jocie lives in Baltimore with her husband, Ethan and two young daughters. Ethan runs One Project Closer (OPC), a site dedicated to providing free guides to help you DIY like the pros. You’ll see more of Jocie’s DIY tutorials on The Better Half, the craftier part of One Project Closer.

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