Creative DIY Ideas with Plywood Coming in New DIY Challenge

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Creative Ideas with Plywood Coming in New DIY Challenge

The Home Depot Blog is known for bringing you terrific decor and styling ideas with our flagship Patio Style Challenge and Holiday Style Challenge series. We’ve been able to share with you stunning Christmas displays and outdoor decorating ideas created by some of the best DIY and decor bloggers on the internet– all using one or more Home Depot products as a starting point.

We’re expanding into the DIY space with a brand new Challenge series. We’re asking our talented friends in the world of do-it-yourself blogging to create new DIY projects using a specific building material. First up, DIY Challenge: Plywood!

We are excited to introduce the skilled DIYers of our Plywood DIY Challenge:

First Row:

Aileen is the blogger behind At Home in Love, a blog all about inspiring interiors and doable DIYs. Aileen’s style is fresh, quirky, and colorful, so we can’t wait to see the distinctive spin she puts on the DIY Challenge.

Caitlin, of Desert Domicile, is a designer, a DIYer, and a stylist. Turning her Tucson house into a home one DIY project at a time keeps her going.

Charlotte, blogger at Ciburbanity, writes about fixing up their historic home, wrangling children, and decorating on a budget. Wondering about that creative name? It’s city + suburb + sanity = Ciburbanity.

Second Row:

Chelsea is the blogger behind Making Home Base, a lifestyle blog with a DIY slant. Chelsea is no stranger to home decor projects and crafts. Plus, she’s up for the rental challenge in her military base house!

Destiny is a home and lifestyle blogger at Just Destiny Mag, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Destiny’s style is fun and fresh, and lucky for us, she’s got a knack for DIY, too.

Jaime is a DIY-enthusiast and blogger at That’s My Letter, where she posts about building, painting and sewing – all tied to a letter in the alphabet. Jaime lives with her family in a 1740 saltbox farmhouse just outside New York City. We can’t wait to see Jaime’s creative take on plywood!

Third Row:

Tania, the red-headed blogger behind Run To Radiance, is remodeling her 1950s ranch-style home with her DIYer husband. Slow and steady is the name of the game in a long-term renovation project! Tania writes about design and crafts, too, so we are excited to give Tania a smaller scale project to focus on: plywood!

Tracy is the voice behind Right Up My Alley, a DIY and interior design blog. With plenty of tips for making a house a home, Tracy’s bright, colorful style will give you an instant boost of inspiration.

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