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As a DIY blogger—and as an all-around craft enthusiast—I have amassed quite the collection of project supplies. From spray paint and yarn, to patterned paper, buttons, pom-poms and paint brushes in every size you can imagine, my craft room has slowly but surely transformed into a space that’s packed uncomfortably to the brim. Storage—and clever storage at that—is something that I’ve really been focusing on in my spare time this spring cleaning season, and I think that I’ve finally found a system that works for me, both functionally and decoratively.


The first thing I needed to tackle was a grab-and-go station that kept all of my everyday supplies within easy reach. Since this organizational hub would be out in the open, it also needed to be easy on the eyes. So I started with a white Cube Unit Organizer and filled it with an assortment of fabric drawers in pretty colors. Then I added a few decorative accents on top and finished it with the types of crafting embellishments that are okay to show off (think: buttons, baker’s twine, pearl-topped pins, etc.). Check out the GIF and photos below to see the difference you can make in your own home with the wide variety of colorful fabric drawers available from The Home Depot.






With the open storage perfected, I turned my attention to filling the fabric drawers with the rest of my go-to crafting supplies—things like tissue paper fringe, party supplies, extra candles and even a few of my favorite tools, like screws, a level, an electric drill and my trusty hammer and nails.



For the hidden storage in my craft room closet, I rely on large, open utility shelves. Up until this point, the shelves were cluttered with bottles of paint, glue and spray paint, but I’ve since refreshed my process with a set of Rubbermaid Clear Organizing boxes.


These boxes have really revolutionized the way I approach my weekly painting projects, both in the way I’m able to choose colors and in the way I’m able to grab the paint and brushes and get right to work. The main advantage is the dual opening system. I can grab the first box on the stack for a traditional top removal method, but if I need to grab a color from one of the lower boxes, I can just open the front hinged door on the box without having to lift a thing. No more wrestling with heavy boxes when I’m knee deep into an art project!







As a blogger and photographer, styling my finished craft projects has become another daily part of my routine. I’m constantly schlepping vases of flowers, party cups and flatware throughout our home to show my finished craft projects at their absolute best, and now I finally have the perfect dedicated spot to put it all: my new Wooden Crate.



A two-handled crate is a classic storage solution, and for good reason. This simple box allows crafters like you and me to fill it and cart it wherever we need to go without making 20 trips up and down the stairs. When I’m finished with a project, I simply fill the crate back up with styling accents and tuck it away in my craft room closet. If styling isn’t a part of your daily life as a crafter, I bet moving tools is! Try filling it with all of your most used hardware tools to keep it all mobile and within easy reach.



One thing I’ve noticed throughout my years as a professional crafter is that my creativity extends far beyond my weekly projects. The routine of brainstorming ideas and thinking through pretty color palettes has put me in the mindset for nearly everything I do—including gift wrapping. In the past, I’ve piled my paper bags, tissue paper and cards into mismatched plastic bags in my craft room, but not anymore.


Now, with the help of three Jumbo Stacking Baskets, I can keep it all straight and in order. I have a dedicated basket for flat-packed gift bags, a basket for cards and even one just for tissue paper. This new system has eased my stress come party time, because I have only to grab an item from each of the three baskets, and I’m ready to go!




The final item on my springtime organization to-do list was to find a way to corral my out-of-control scrapbook paper collection. If you, too, are a scrapbooking maniac, you know just how difficult it is to store this paper. The standard 12-by-12-inch size makes it less than ideal for most rectangular boxes, which is why I turned to a pair of colorful Milk Crates to get the situation under control.


The square shape is perfect for keeping my pile of paper organized and flat. I can store everything straight up so that I have only to thumb through the sections to find the perfect pattern and color scheme for my particular craft project. I’m so happy to ditch my previous method of shoving it all into a too-small box, plus, the sturdy plastic finish and double handles makes it a cinch to pull out and put away.



Organizing and creating savvy storage solutions is one of the best things that you can do for yourself this year. Although it takes time to perfect your system, you’ll be saving yourself tons of stress in the long run. Now that I’ve whipped my craft room into shape, I’m feeling refreshed and more creative than I have in years. I’m energized and ready to see what kinds of projects I can come up with for the spring and summer season of 2015—and beyond!

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