Modern Breakfast in Bed Tray From Copper Pipe

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Modern Breakfast in Bed Tray From Copper Pipe

Adding copper pipe legs can turn a simple wooden tray into a lovely and functional breakfast in bed tray. This simple pipe project comes to us from the very creative Amy Mikkelsen of Your Southern Peach.

It’s part of our series, DIY Challenge: Pipe. We asked Monica and several other ingenious crafters and bloggers to come up with ingenious DIY projects that use pipe as an ingredient. It could be just about any kind of pipe: galvanized pipePVC pipe or, as in this case, copper pipe.

Amy takes this copper pipe project a step further, making it super elegant by gilding the pipe with copper leaf to make it extra shiny. It looks terrific.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own version of this breakfast in bed tray.

Breakfast in Bed Tray Tutorial

I’m due with my third son in just a few short weeks! I know there won’t be a lot of down time to recover with two other little ones running around, but I put together this gorgeous copper pipe breakfast in bed tray in hopes that I might get breakfast in bed a few times after I return home from the hospital. This tray can also function as additional space on the nightstand to hold baby essentials for the first few weeks when the baby is sleeping in my bedroom.

Copper pipe and fittings used to create a breakfast in bed tray


Tools needed in a DIY breakfast in bed tray project


Step 1

Begin by priming and painting your wooden tray of choice. I painted mine white for the contrast with the copper.

Step 2

After measuring the width and depth of your tray, cut copper pipe pieces accordingly with a pipe cutter. For my tray, I cut 4 pieces at 10¼ in. long (for the vertical legs) and 2 pieces at 15½ in. (for the horizontal legs.)

Step 3

Using the copper elbows, assemble the tray legs in a U shape. Then attach copper tube caps to bare end of pipes.

Copper pipe used to create the legs of a breakfast in bed tray

Step 4

Using a ruler and level, mark where you want to secure your tube straps. Be sure your holes are low enough so that the pipes rest flush with (or below) the top of your wood breakfast tray.

Marking the locations to screw in pipe tube straps for DIY breakfast in bed tray project

Step 5

Secure the legs to your breakfast tray with screws and tube straps, being careful not to drill through your tray!

Copper pipe legs attached to a DIY breakfast in bed tray

Step 6

Despite the copper having a lot of natural beauty, I chose to add copper leaf to my tray legs because of the red printing on the pipes.

The easiest way to do this is by turning the tray upside down. Then apply gilding glue according to the directions and patiently add copper leafing to your pipes. Once this is dry, you can brush away loose flakes, which I recommend doing outdoors to minimize mess.

Adding copper leaf to make copper pipe extra shiny in pipe project breakfast in bed tray

Step 7

Finally, if the design of your breakfast tray allows, add copper hobby wire, carefully twisting it around the handles of your tray until desired look is achieved.


This breakfast in bed tray can be used in so many ways like displaying small house plants, holding office supplies and organizing crafting tools. For now, (fingers crossed) this tray will serve me breakfast in bed. And don’t forget that on Mother’s Day!

Amy Mikkelsen is an Atlanta native and genuine Georgia peach. She’s the creative mind behind the southern lifestyle blog Your Southern Peach, where she shares recipes, entertaining tips and other domestic delights. She’s the mom of two young gents with a third one on the way! She’s also an avid yogi and gardener.

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