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Martha Stewart Living Closet Organization available at Home DepotSorting out the clutter in your closet not only makes it easier to find your favorite shirt, it can actually create extra storage space as well. Nearly every closet, whether it’s located in your bedroom, kitchen or foyer, can benefit from better organization.

Extra shelves create more room for boxes, folded clothes or miscellaneous items you’re not sure where to put. Use door bags and shoe racks to sort your dress shoes from your sneakers and bring order to the chaotic jumble of ties and belts in your bedroom with the help of a sliding organizer. Use the following information to focus in on the best ways to streamline and organize each of your closets:

Storage Devices and Organizational Tips
Revamping your closet space doesn’t have to be an expensive process. A few simple additions can turn a crowded clothes closet into a spacious area that allows you to easily access your shirts and pants while providing storage room for shoes, bags, hats and more. Bedroom closets seem to present the greatest challenges when it comes to efficient organization. Fortunately, there are plenty of space-saving options to choose from for both walk-in and reach-in closets. By finding the right pieces and following a few simple organizational strategies, you can achieve greater efficiency regardless of which room the closet is in or what you store in it.

Shelves and Shoe Storage
One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what type of shelves you’d like to install. Wood and other solid shelves provide sturdy, flat surfaces that are ideal for storing small or oddly shaped items.Ventilated wire shelves allow air to pass through so clothes and linens can breathe. Use expandable shelves to customize the amount of storage space your closet provides. Shoes can be stored on shelves or in shoe bags hung on the backside of your closet door. Shoe racks provide ample storage space as well. Look for a slanted platform that displays them all at the same level for easy selection and access.

Bags, Boxes, Bins and Baskets
You can use boxes to store everything from clothes and towels to books and dishes. In addition to storage, collapsible bins provide the ability to compress to a much smaller size when not needed, making them easy to store in tight quarters. Hampers store dirty clothes, while laundry bags provide another, more portable option for soiled garments. Baskets range from small to oversized and are available in simple designs as well as more ornate and stylish models, depending on your needs and existing décor. Use them to hold important papers or assorted odds and ends in your office closet or soaps and lotions in the bathroom.

Hangers and places to hang them are essential to organizing clothes and accessories. Install one rod toward the top of the closet and another in the middle to provide two levels of hanging space for shirts, sweaters and other shorter garments. Use wood or padded hangers to ensure garments retain their shape. Add a tie and belt organizer to your closet to reduce the tangled mass of ties draped over hangers and ensure you can always find the belt that goes with your favorite outfit when you need it.

Design Your Own Closet
Here is a fun tool that let’s you design your own Marth Stewart Living™ Closets.

And take a look at all the ways we have to de-clutter your home in our online Storage and Organization Department. And read more great storage ideas here on The Home Depot Blog.


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