Clean House: Try this Trick for Changing the Vacuum Bag

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot

Use duct tape when changing a vacuum bag

Q: How can I change the vacuum bag without making a total mess?

A: Changing out the vacuum bag is one of those tasks that often gets overlooked. But the longer you go without cleaning or swapping one out, depending on if you’ve got a disposable or reusable bag, the harder your vacuum’s engine will have to work—and the less effective the carpet clean will be. Many manufacturers say that when a bag is at 50 to 60 percent capacity, it’s ready for a swap, though some people wait until that bag is bursting at the seams.

Here’s some surprising news: If you vacuum about once a week, and you’ve got a house, you may have to switch the bag only as often as once a month. If you have pets or kids–or you are really into vacuuming–you may want to consider a swap or dump more often.

We like this tip: Before changing out the bag, slap a piece of duct tape over the hole where the bag connects with the vacuum. When you are moving the bag around, the dust and dirt will not be able to escape, so no more dust volcanoes in your face.

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