Clean House: The Dreaded Bottom of the Trash Can

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

of The Home Depot

Use pet spray on the bottom of the trash can

Q: The bottom of my trash can gets moldy, smelly and just plain gross. How can I tackle this cleaning job?

A: After spraying the can down with a hose outdoors or in your bathtub, try this simple trick: Give the trash can a spray inside and out with a cleaner designed for spot-treating pet messes. These types of sprays have an enzyme that kills bacteria and neutralizes odors, which are two key parts of this cleaning task. The enzyme speeds up the biodegradation process of organic materials—that’s most of the funky foodstuff that you’ll find in the bottom of the trash can.

Also recommended: let the can dry in the sun after you’ve given it another rinse with the hose. Any mold will be zapped by pure sunshine.

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