Clean House: How To Clean A Dirty Shower Head

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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Clean a dirty shower head with white vinegar

Q: My shower head has lots of build-up—and it’s kind of gross. How do I clean it?

In most homes the shower head gets its fair share of use. Naturally, calcium and minerals will start to build up, especially if you’ve got lots of those elements in your local water supply. You may also get some rusty residue.

One solution is to soak the shower head in some acidic white vinegar, which will break down many of the elements that are clogging the flow. Just grab a Ziploc bag or a grocery bag and some rubber bands or hair ties. Fill up the bag with the vinegar, then place the shower head inside until it is fully immersed. Secure the bag with the band and allow it to sit for overnight or longer.

If you’ve got particularly “hard” water, you can also filter the shower, which many people say leads to softer hair and skin as well as a cleaner flow. If the build-up persists, you may want to consider swapping out the shower head for a new model. Check out our selection of shower heads.

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