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garbage disposal cleaning trick: use vinegar and lemons

Q: How can I keep my garbage disposal from being so stinky?

A: You can definitely use a solvent-based drain cleaner, which will clean, degrease and deodorize. A fresh citrus scent is a bonus.

Another DIY solution is to make your own citrus cleansing cubes for the disposal, a little trick we picked up from the excellent lifestyle blog Turnstyle Vogue. Grab a few ice cube trays. Dice up some lemon into pieces small enough to fit into the trays, then place one piece into each ice cube slot. Fill the trays with vinegar and freeze. In the end you’ll have frozen vinegar cubes that look like what you see in the photo above. Toss one of those cubes into your garbage disposal and let it run for a few seconds, and you’ll have a clean disposal.

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Photo via Turnstyle Vogue

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