Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: Cedar Sprigs and Pinecones

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A Christmas present wrapped in brown paper with pinecones and cedar sprigs attached with jute twine

 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Go Green

Sometimes it’s the simple Christmas gift wrapping ideas that are the best. I’ve been trying different ways to incorporate natural elements into a simple, understated gift wrap. We’ve seen the mini-wreath for your gift wrap, and how to create a mini-string of garland, but if you’re looking for a way to incorporate a bit of greenery in an even simpler way, just attach a couple sprigs of cedar with two pinecones!

Here’s how to do it.

Simple Cedar Sprigs and Pinecone Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Skill level: Novice

Time: About 10 minutes for each gift

Cost: About $20


*I purchased a small cedar tree from the Garden Center and simply snipped little sprigs from the tree.

Step 1

First, group together a few small sprigs of cedar, and secure them together with hobby wire. Repeat this step so that you have two bundles of cedar.

A few sprigs of cedar secured with hobby wire

Step 2

Using hobby wire, group together the two cedar bundles and secure. Next, attach two pinecones with either hobby wire or string.

Two small bundles of cedar and two small pinecones held together with hobby wire

Step 3

Once you have everything secured, tie onto gift with jute twine.

Attach greenery to gift wrapping with jute twine and wire | DIY gift wrap ideas

You now have a beautifully wrapped gift under the Christmas tree! It’s one of the simplest Christmas wrapping ideas ever.

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