Christmas Time at Home Depot

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

Maybe it’s because of all the homes decorated in hundreds of sparkling Christmas lights, with inflatable snowmen in the yard and festive wreaths hanging on the front door. Or, it could just be the sight of beautiful Christmas trees draped in ornaments displayed in windows for everyone to enjoy. Whatever it is, it’s got us filled the with holiday spirit – and we hope you are, too.

Just to show you how much we’re feelin’ the Christmas time buzz around here, the crazy kids at got together with some of our store associates to make this hilarious little holiday video. In it you’ll see a lot of new and innovative holiday decorations, including the Maestro Mouse, our Quick Set artificial Christmas trees and the amazing Christmas collections from Martha Stewart Living.

Our Christmas Time at Home Depot video also features the hippest elf ever. Oh, and Santa — he’s a Home Depot associate. Really.

We feel it only fair to warn you, watching this Christmas video may cause spontaneous smiles.

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