Christmas Shopping at The Home Depot

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of The Home Depot

Shopping for Christmas must-haves in the aisles of The Home Depot

The aisles of The Home Depot are busy this time of year with folks shopping for Christmas trees, looking for gifts for the beloved DIY-er in their life, or picking up a gingerbread kit (a Black Friday special!). Check out these photos people have posted publicly to Instagram while doing some Christmas shopping at The Home Depot, or preparing for Christmas shoppers.

Above: By tamarajhair on Instagram

A Home Depot associate hangs snowflakes at a Home Depot store

By laurindennings on Instagram That’s in Florida, so the snowflakes aren’t real.

Santa Claus in the aisles of a Home Depot store

By caity_vdb on Instagram Santa was spotted at The Home Depot in Dover, N.J. (Store 925) — the REAL Santa.

Making a Home Depot ginger bread house

By stefharmon on Instagram After Christmas shopping, why not make a Home Depot Gingerbread House?

Poinsettias from The Home Depot

By melisssaaaaaah on Instagram There were some terrific prices on the poinsettias on Black Friday at The Home Depot. They’re still great prices, as a matter of fact.

A light up Yoda and Elmo in the aisles of The Home Depot

By 45degrees on Instagram You see our popular Kurt S. Adler 36 in. Star Wars Yoda lawn decoration above, which was used to glorious effect in a Star Wars-themed Christmas display by Ashley and Greg Brown of 7th House on the Left. We also spot the 60-inch tinsel Elmo Christmas decoration and a display of some of our advanced Lightshow LED color-changing Christmas lights.

Maestro Mouse Christmas toy

Byflygurl913 on Instagram That’s Maestro Mouse — he understands your voice requests for songs, and he controls your Christmas tree lights. It’s quite amazing.

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