Christmas Mailbox Decorations: Burlap and Greenery

Article Posted By: Jennifer Griffin

Christmas Mailbox Decorations: Burlap and Greenery

Christmas mailbox decorations are the new frontier in holiday decorating. It’s a prominent spot for any home that has a mailbox out front, and mailboxes offer so many opportunities to add Christmas cheer to outdoor holiday decorations.

We asked Jennifer Griffin of Dimples and Tangles to focus on her mailbox for our Holiday Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent her a mystery box of Home Depot Christmas decorations and a few other materials, and she did the rest.

She used burlap, tomato cages and a modified Christmas garland to make adorable burlap trees to flank her mailbox.

But first, the mailbox itself needed some attention…

I’m so happy to be working with the Home Depot on another Style Challenge! The (not so) spooky forest mantel that I did for the Halloween Style Challenge last year was one of my favorite projects, and I was excited to see what was in store for this Holiday Challenge.

Christmas Mailbox Decorations: Burlap and Greenery

When I received my mystery boxes (a day that really IS like Christmas!), it took a bit of brainstorming to come up with a project incorporating the items that I had received to decorate my mailbox, which was my assigned area of the home for the Style Challenge. But that’s the fun! Coming up with creative decor using everyday items, most often in a way totally different than what they were intended for, really stretches my decorating muscles.

Quick Mailbox Makeover

First things first, my actual mailbox needed a little spruce up. I guess the lower latch broke off years ago and the previous homeowner attached a knob instead, but it was looking a little tired.

Mailbox Makeover

This was a quick 10-minute job. I used FrogTape around the edges of the metal box, then taped newspaper on the surrounding area to protect from overspray. This Rust-Oleum spray paint is one of my favorites– I’ve used it on multiples projects, and it never disappoints.

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

With a new decorative knob my mailbox has a new shiny, sassy look!

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

Burlap Christmas Trees

Now, on to the mailbox decorating! I combined a roll of natural burlap from the mystery box with two tomato cages, lots of cable zip ties, yardsticks, mini white Christmas lights, some Quikcrete, and two terra cotta pots that I picked up at my local Home Depot store to make a pair of DIY Burlap Outdoor Christmas Trees.

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

The Quikcrete secured the burlap trees nicely in the pots and gave them enough weight that I don’t have to worry and them tipping over in the strong Oklahoma wind.

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

I also received some beautiful Christmas garlands in my box, and since they weren’t quite long enough to wrap around the trees, I snipped the garland into small pieces and secured them to the burlap with more zip ties to give the trees a woodland feel and a bit of color.

Burlap Christmas Tree Mailbox Decoration

A pretty poinsettia and greenery pick and striped Martha Stewart ribbon made the perfect topper for the tree. I’m usually a red and green purist at Christmas time, and this striped ribbon is so fun!

If you need a little help, I’ve got a video on my blog with step by step instructions on how to make Christmas bows for your wreaths, tree, or packages. It’s easy; just takes a bit of practice.

Burlap Tree Mailbox Decoration

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

Christmas Wreath for the Home Exterior

This giant 48 in. Martha Stewart pre-lit wreath also came with my mystery items, and I was thrilled! We have the perfect spot in the front of the house to hang a big wreath at Christmas, and this one fit the space just right.

I opted to leave it as-is since I really like the simplicity of a natural looking evergreen wreath.

Large Christmas Wreath

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

The Christmas Decorations at Night

Before I added the burlap to the tomato cages, I wrapped them in lights, so at night they’re just as fun as they are in the daytime.

Christmas Mailbox Decorations

Christmas Wreath at Night

I’m really looking forward to adding these trees into my Christmas decor this year. Everything they’re made of will be just fine even it it gets wet or snowy, so I’m not concerned about them being out in the weather. And, since they’re contained in a pot rather than just secured in the dirt, I can move them around to my porch or patio if I choose to.

Christmas Gift

Don’t neglect your mailbox decorations this holiday season… after all, isn’t it the best part of your day at Christmas time to check for all of those cards coming in from friends and family And, it just might spread a little cheer to your postman and neighbors, too!

Jennifer Griffin says her home is her hobby. She enjoys blogging all about it at Dimples and Tangles, where her posts focus on decorating and design, DIY, food, crafts, travel, and a good thrift store makeover here and there. She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband and two sweet children.

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