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A beautiful night scene of a front door decorated for Christmas

In our Style Challenge series, we ask some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using Home Depot products as a starting point.

Kyle Knight of the blog Knight Moves is a budding interior designer in Dallas. Beyond just having great taste, she certainly knows how to create a beautifully designed space. In the Holiday Edition of our Style Challenge series, we challenged Kyle to take her talents outdoors to give us her Christmas decorating ideas for a festive front door. 

I’ll be honest … there have been years in the past when I didn’t execute a full-home Christmas décor operation, but I never fail to hang a wreath on the door and put out some twinkle lights. The front door is just one of those must-decorate spots, don’t you think? During the holiday season, it’s pretty much a sure thing that your entry door will be seen by at least a few visitors and guests, so why not make it merry and bright? A wreath paired with a garland around the doorway is a simple, classic pairing and thus it’s a good place to start.

I’m not one for over-the-top outdoor decorations (but I do love seeing them in other yards) so a wreath + garland suits my decorating ethos because the combo is understated, but still welcoming and festive. This year, I was given some goodies from The Home Depot to spice up my front door and of course, there was garland and a nice, full faux pine wreath in the mix. With my holiday bounty, here’s the look I put together …

A front door decorated for Christmas by Kyle of Knight Moves

I began by adorning my pre-lit wreath with extra lights (I am certainly in the “more is more” camp when it comes to Christmas lights). I love the old-school opaque colored C9-size bulbs so I took a strand that I already had and clipped them onto the branches and then popped the wreath onto an over-the-door hanger. You can now get LED multi-color C9-size bulb, which would be perfect for a wreath because they don’t get hot like the old ones.

A wreath with Christmas lights being attached

A Christmas wreath with C9 lights attached

The next step was to prep and hang the garland. I combined some wired garland that I had with some new pre-lit garland that The Home Depot gave me. The two were better together than apart because the structure of the wired garland worked nicely with the bushy fullness of the non-wired one.

A pre-lit Christmas garland

I secured the two together with zip ties … which are among my favorite decorating tools. I used 4-inch ones for this project.

A package of cable ties

You can see the black tie at work here …

Strands of garland combine to create a fuller look

The greenery alone was a bit bland so I used a set of shatterproof ornaments to jazz up the garland. And yes, I did test out the shatterproof-ness, and I’m happy to report that they do not break, even when dropped from eight feet in the air! The Home Depot sent me this huge pack of blue and silver ones. I am fully obsessed with the solid glitter ones!

Martha Stewart Living Shatterproof ornaments, from the Arctic Collection

A front door decorated for Christmas

I used the zip ties again on this step to attach the ornaments to the garland. They work much better for outdoor applications than traditional ornament hooks. Below is one that wasn’t zipped tight because I had it hanging on a live tree before moving it to the garland …

Zip ties (cable ties) used to attach Christmas ornaments to garland

And despite the practicality of the faux stuff, I love to incorporate live trees, wreaths, or garland into the mix somehow. So for the front door area, I decided to get a pair of cone-shaped trees from The Home Depot garden center to put in the planters that sit on either side of my door. I looked at Leyland Cypress, shaped boxwoods, and Rosemary topiaries before choosing two Japanese Holly shrubs. I’ll probably plant them somewhere in my yard in the spring. They are a great size, and if they are anything like the other types of hollies I have, they will be hardy.

Japanese holly plants

So, here’s the set-up in the daylight …

A front door decorated for Christmas in the daytime

And then all lit up at night …

A front door decorated for Christmas at night

There is just something about Christmas lights that makes me so happy … I just can’t get enough of them! Aside from my nostalgic love for the multi-colored C9′s, I am pretty dedicated to an all-white light scheme. Oh, and I’m definitely a warm white girl. What about you?

A front door decorated for Christmas

And what are your thoughts on nontraditional vs. traditional Christmas color schemes? I generally use whites and metallics so the blue and turquoise ornament set that The Home Depot sent was a fun change of pace for me.

Christmas ornaments

I had a great time playing with my fabulous new front door decorations and I’m so excited to get started on the rest of my house now! With Thanksgiving just weeks away, it’s about time to light my favorite holiday candles, turn up the Christmas music, shop for gifts, and celebrate the season!

Kyle Knight is an interior designer based in Dallas, Texas. Kyle spends most of her time working to make clients’ spaces more beautiful, interesting, inviting, and usable. Sourcing vintage and antique pieces, selecting textiles and artwork, as well as designing custom furnishings are among her favorite parts of the job. She catalogs her thoughts, inspirations, and ideas related to design and decor on her blog, Knight Moves. Thank you so much for your beautiful Christmas decorating ideas, Kyle!

Kyle’s holiday space includes these Home Depot items:

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Style Challenge is a series of posts from guest contributors who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using a single Home Depot product as a starting point. Kyle received a selection of Christmas decorations  from The Home Depot, but The Home Depot provided no other compensation. The opinions and ideas Kyle expressed are her own.

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