Christmas Craft Ideas: Lighted Snowflake

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Christmas Craft Ideas: Lighted Snowflake

Create a beautiful lighted snowflake to brighten your yard. It’s one of our Christmas craft ideas for the holiday season. We have the step-by-step tutorial and downloadable instructions.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 2 hours, not including time for glue and paint to dry

Cost: About $50

 Tools and Materials

Step 1

Cut the poplar boards in half. Each piece should be 2 feet long.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Cut the Boards in Half

Step 2

Find the exact center of one of the pieces by measuring down its length 1 foot. Drill a hole.

Use this as a template and drill through each piece at the same point. This center hole is for the bolt that will secure all the pieces together.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Measuring to find the center of the board

Step 3

On each side of the center hole, drill five holes, evenly spaced apart. Drill through one piece of poplar at a time, using your first piece as a template to help match the spacing.

Secure the two pieces together with a clamp, rubber band or tape so that they don’t shift around.

Each light should fit tightly in each drilled hole, so make sure they fit properly before drilling the rest of the holes.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Drilling Holes for the Lighted Snowflake

Step 4

Once you finish drilling, glue two pieces together at a 90-degree angle. Make sure it is a 90-degree angle by using a square. Line up the middle holes.

Repeat these steps until all of your pieces have been paired up, leaving you with four paired-up pieces.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Gluing the boards for the lighted snowflake

Step 5

Once your 90-degree pieces have dried, glue two pairs together in the center to form a snowflake; repeat with the other two pairs.

At this point, you should have two snowflakes.

Christmas Craft Ideas: More gluing

Step 6

Spray paint each piece, front and back. You may also want to spray paint the top of the bolt and the nut so that they will blend in.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Spray Painting the Lighted Snowflake

Step 7

Run your carriage bolt through the center of one snowflake; then, put three washers in the middle.

Add your second snowflake and loosely add your bolt with the fourth washer.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Bolting the Lighted Snowflake Pieces

Step 8

Now add the strings of lights to the snowflakes.

Start with the end of the string of lights that has the female electrical plug. Choose one of the arms of the snowflake to start with, and begin stringing the lights from the center of the snowflake.

Fit a light into each hole on the front of the arm, and then run the string back to the center, fitting lights into the back arm.
Continue this process for seven of the eight arms.

For the last arm, the sequence changes so that the string will end at the end of the arm, not the center. This will allow you to hang your snowflake by the string of lights.

At the center, insert a light on the top part of the arm, then fit the next light into the center-most hole on the back part of the arm. Next, go to the second hole on the front, then the second hole on the back. Do this all the way up, moving away from the center.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Attaching the LED Christmas Lights to the Lighted Snowflake

Step  9

Hang your lighted snowflake in a prominent spot, and enjoy.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Lighted Snowflake

Download printable instructions for this lighted snowflake Christmas craft project and get started!

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