Christmas Craft Ideas: Bucket Advent Calendar

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Christmas Craft Ideas: Bucket Advent Calendar

Here’s one of the unusual Christmas craft ideas you’ll see: a fun Advent calendar made of of buckets. It’s easy to create, and it makes a big impression. We have the step-by-step tutorial and downloadable instructions.

Skill Level: Novice

Time: 2 to 3 hours, including time for paint to dry

Cost: About $90

Tools and Materials

Step 1

Remove the handles from all your buckets. You will be replacing these later with rope.

Bucket Advent Calendar: Remove handles from the buckets

Step 2

Paint the buckets with a coat of primer and let dry. Then paint them with gold paint. Paint the wooden rods white.

Bucket Advent Calendar: Spray paint the buckets

Step 3

Decide where you would like your Advent calendar to hang. Starting at the ceiling, measure down 2 feet and make a mark. Then measure across 32 inches and make another mark. Using a laser level will make this easier. Hang your brackets on the wall, one at each mark. Make sure the brackets are extended 5 inches from the wall.

Bucket Advent Calendar: Attach wall brackets

Step 4

Now it’s time to hang your rods.

The first rod goes on the brackets that you just attached to the wall. The rod should extend 4 inches beyond the brackets on both sides.

Bucket Advent Calendar: Measure for placement of the buckets

Step 5

For your next rod, tie an 18-inch piece of rope in a knot 8 inches in from each end. Then, tie it to the rod above it. Repeat this step until all five of your rods have been hung.

Bucket Advent Calendar: Attach the rods

Step 6

It’s time to add the rope handles to each bucket.

For each bucket you will use one piece of rope cut at 18 inches. With one end of the rope, poke it through one of the holes where the handle was originally, and tie a knot. (If you have trouble threading the rope through the hole, try wrapping a little piece of transparent tape around the end of the rope.) Then, loop it around the wooden rod and poke the rope through the hole on the other side. Each wooden rod will have five buckets that are 8 inches apart. The first and last bucket on each row will be on the outside of the brackets.

Bucket Advent Calendar: Tie twine to the buckets

Step 7

Add your number stickers to your buckets.

Bucket Advent Calendar: Add numbers to the buckets

Step 8

Fill your buckets with goodies, and enjoy the holidays.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Bucket Advent Calendar

Download printable instructions for this bucket Advent calendar project and get started!

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