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There’s been a lot of talk and excitement recently about white interiors, and white kitchens in particular. We too love these luminous, pristine spaces. Today, however, let us attempt to lure your over to the dark side, at least when it comes to bedroom colors.

For many, the very thought of painting a wall, let alone an entire interior space black would be intimidating, or worse. But we’d like to make the case that black is not just the dark, romantic, moody, Gothic impulse you’ve been warned against – it’s also a classic, sophisticated shade to paint almost any room of your home. Much like white, black is high contrast. Bright complementary colors absolutely pop in a black room; check out how the silver bed shines in the black bedroom above from The French Bedroom Company. As far as bedroom colors go, it doesn’t get more dramatic than black.

So – if you were tempted to explore your darker design passions, what other room would you paint black? We found some really chic, seductive bedrooms in black that may help you decide.

Image of a HGTV Black Bedroom Makeover

Image via HGTV

Designer Vern Yip plays up the versatility and warmth of a black bedroom in this image from HGTV. The natural wood floors or furnishings could not be any more inviting.

Black and white are used in high contrast to create the ultra luxe look of this bedroom from Habachy Designs we spotted on Comfortable Home Design. White bedding and ceiling lighting with reflective accenting bring light to the space, and gold pillows against the high textured headboard only heighten the drama.

Image of Sergey Makhno's Kiev Apartment

Image via Mahno

No longer the dark spidey holes of teen angst, black bedrooms have become spaces for serious artistic consideration. In his Kiev apartment, designer Sergey Makhno imagined walls coming together at odd junctures, images of mysterious figures emerging from the recessed black walls and angular furnishings illuminated by symbols of faith.

This last vignette culled from the Goth-inspired bedroom of Tabatha at Turn Right At Lake Michigan illustrates many of the best ways to paint and design your own bedroom in black.

Mixing matte and gloss paint finishes disguises imperfections while highlighting interesting architectural details. Shiny, sequined accessories, glass knobs and damask print wallpaper and curtains all bring added depth and texture. And galleries of framed graphic imagery are a nice artistic touch.

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