Attracting Happy Hummingbirds

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Recently I saw several hummingbirds feeding at the home of a friend. We drank coffee and watched them dart around the feeder with the precision of a small invasion. I have to admit I was mesmerized by the display. I asked how she was able to entice the little birds so close to her home and how she managed to attract so many of them. Here are some secrets of her success at attracting hummingbirds:

Location, Location, Location

Create a special location near her sunroom that will provide the perfect climate for her little feathered friends. Start by planting several hummingbird favorites that supply their much needed nectar, including several perennials (cardinal flower, lantana, and monarda). Red salvias would look great too. Also, hummingbirds love hibiscus so try placing this flower on a nearby patio to attract these beautiful birds. Be sure to find a safe but visible location so you can enjoy the birds but protect them so they will not become part of the food chain.     

Recipe for Success

Make your own blend of sugar water. Take one cup of boiling water and then add 1/4 cup of white granulated cane sugar. Cool the mixture, fill the feeder, and refrigerate the rest for a few days. If you don’t have the time or inclination to mix their drinks, consider using an instant mix or readymade nectar.

Feed Me

Speaking of feeders, there are many styles and varieties available to match your outdoor living décor. Be sure to keep an eye out for ants (who also love the nectar).

Clean Up

Clean out the reservoir of the feeder every other day. Dispose of any remaining liquid, thoroughly clean, refill and enjoy the show. Repeat this process until winter.

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