As Seen On TV: Home Depot’s Diagonal Bookshelf Project

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of The Home Depot

Attention DIYers: You may have seen this diagonal bookshelf project in one of our commercials, and we’re here to give you the full step-by-step.

Diagonal Bookshelf Project | Couple adding books to newly-built bookshelf

Make your own diagonal bookcase like the one in The Home Depot commercial. [Download PDF of the Diagonal Bookcase Project from The Home Depot.]

What you will need:

Shop the Diagonal Bookshelf Project.

Step 1: Buy enough 1×12 lumber to fill the space where the bookcase will stand. Build bookshelf frame based on the dimensions of the space.

Diagonal Bookshelf Project | Buy lumber to fill space where bookshelf will be

Step 2: Draw a grid of intersecting lines on the plywood back. Cut lumber to fit the lines on your grid. When two lines intersect, cut or carve halfway through the depth of the front piece of wood, and halfway through the depth of the back piece of wood, so the shelf pieces fit together.

Diagonal Bookshelf Project | Draw grid on plywood

Step 3: Once these boards are cut to fit into the square frame, repeat the process, measuring and cutting the boards that will be set perpendicularly. Dry fit everything on the ground. Keep things together with a strap on the outside.

Diagonal Bookshelf Project | Cut lumber to fit grid

Step 4: Assemble the shelves on the ground with screws and tools. Place all the diagonal panels inside without glue. Adjust where needed, and use clamps to make everything fit. Measure the diagonal opposite corners to ensure that everything is square. Secure using three 2 ̋ screws per joint; predrill and countersink.

Diagonal Bookshelf Project | Assemble the shelves on the ground

Step 5: Secure the shelves within bookshelf frame, and attach the plywood back. Finish the project using a sanding block with 220 grit sandpaper. First, sand the sides, then the front of the top and bottom pieces. Then, do all front edges. Next, paint the wood with a small roller to avoid drips.

Diagonal Bookshelf Project | Attach the plywood back to the wall

Step 6: Use a stud finder to help anchor the bookshelf to the wall.

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