A Visit to a Christmas Tree Farm

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of Senior Editor, The Home Depot Blog

The Home Depot is a great source for fresh cut Christmas trees. You can shop for them at your local Home Depot store, or you can order a real Christmas tree online to be delivered to your front door. Two of our Forums associates, Grow2Girl and BostonRoots, took a field trip to the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina to visit the Christmas tree farm that supplies The Home Depot.

They brought back lots of photos and videos showing what goes on at a Christmas tree farm and posted them on the online How-To Community Forums. In the video above, BostonRoots shows us the process of harvesting and then baling the Christmas trees. This self-described “plant geek” can barely contain her excitement. “I was in complete awe at just how many times the trees were touched before they were even loaded on to the trailers. Planted, nurtured and groomed by hand, cut individually with a chainsaw by hand, put in the baler and taken out by hand, picked up, and put on the truck by hand. Driven down the mountain by tractor with two hands … and we haven’t even gone to shipping yet! Unbelievable, and Grow2Girl and I were there to see it!” she writes.

A hand-trimmed evergreen wreath In another post on the Community Forums, BostonRoots visits a shipping facility in Virginia to give a brief introduction to the Noble Fir, and explains why it might be your new favorite Christmas tree variety.

Of course, you’ll get more than just Christmas trees at a Christmas tree farm. This is also where we produce our fresh wreaths and fresh garlands. Grow2Girl has a video showing us how the wreaths are formed around a metal frame and then hand trimmed to perfection.

She offers these ways to incorporate evergreen wreaths into your holidays:

  • Place one or several on any door with a wreath hanger and a bow.
  • Garnish each window with a smaller wreath to match.
  • Decorate with a HUGE wreath on a barn, garage or open space on the house.
  • Interior wreaths may be placed above a fireplace, on a mirror or door.
  • Use a smaller wreath as a candle holder, perhaps a centerpiece.
  • Give them as gifts to clients or friends.
  • Place one on a headstone or at a gravesite as a memorial.

Take a look, too, at how evergreen garlands are made, the process of creating evergreen “kissing balls,” and BostonRoots’ take on why Fraser Firs make great Christmas trees.

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