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Image of a comfortable looking home library

Image via Better Homes and Gardens

A home library is the perfect place to curl up with a good book and a furry friend. You really don’t even need to have “the proper space” for a home library, just a bookcase or shelves for some of your favorite reads, good lighting and comfortable seating. Take a look at the home library above we saw on Better Homes and Gardens — it’s simple and effective with plenty contemplative, relaxing atmosphere. (Cat optional)

And please don’t take this the wrong way, e-readers and tablets are marvelous devices that can serve up a world of literary choices in an instant, and we would all be lost without ours, but there is nothing like the tactile experience of tuning the pages of an actual book. So, we’ve collected a few images we found while rummaging around the web. Flip through these ideas for a library of your own.

Image of a Library Nook With A Spectacular View

Image via Freshome

Room With A View We chose to include this cozy image from Freshome to help expand your definition of what makes a home library. A bay window seat in a nook surrounded by some of your favorite books is a perfect place to ponder particularly poignant passages. Throw pillows and cushions for hours of reading comfort are not optional.

Image of Nigella Lawson's Home Library

Image via Book Mania

Food For Thought For book lovers, this photo of food writer Nigella Lawson’s home library from Book Mania is crave-worthy. Endearingly messy with warm wood accents, books stacked from floor-to-ceiling and a desk large enough for our favorite lamp, family photos and all the pressing matters of the day, it personifies everything we picture a real library would be. One can only imagine what delicious ideas your home library will inspire you to cook up.

Image of a Living Room Turned Library

Image via Architectural Digest

Life Of The Mind Chances are your home was not designed with a library in mind. But what about some other under-utilized space in the home like say – the living room. If you’re going through all the effort and expense to furnish it, why not create a space for personal growth and contemplation? Living rooms also offer the best views of any other room in the home. Hopefully, this living room turned library we spotted on Architectural Digest gives you a compelling reason to re-think how you currently use this space in your home.

Image of a study with a round rooftop library

Image via Freshome

Literature In The Round We have to admit to being somewhat thrown for a loop when we first spotted this amazing book repository on Freshome. OK, having to climb a ladder to get to the books may be a bit of a hassle, but if you have the overhead space this is a breathtaking effect.

A classically decorated room with Bibilioteca wallpaper creating the illusion of books on the wall

Biblioteca Wallpaper from the Wallpaper Company

Creating an Illusion The Bibilioteca Wallpaper in the photo above is one way to increase the studious look and feel of your library. It looks so natural behind a classic reading chair. All you need is a smoking jacket and a Dickens novel.

Image of a desolate decaying library

Image by Lori Nix

Haunting Thoughts Speaking of illusions, this diorama of a library set amidst disaster and decay was created by photographer Lori Nix. We couldn’t resist sharing, even if it’s not quite the look you have in mind for your home library. Check out the rest of the photos in Nix’s series The City. They’re quite compelling.

If you’ve been haunted by the desire for a space in your home where you can be alone with just your thoughts or a good book, get thee to a library.

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